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It started with my husband and I sitting around the kitchen table with some graph paper and big dreams. We would be done by spring. 1000 square feet is not that big of a project. No problem!

When we bought the Old Town Hall eight years ago, I never thought I would outgrow the space. After years of changing more and more of the office space into dressing rooms, storage taking over our home, and employees tripping over each other, it was time to go big. However, we seem to have forgotten what a big deal renovating is. This summer it sounded exciting and romantic, but now, in the snowy, long, and dirty days of construction, it seems endless.

But today as I stand in the new space I can feel big things to come and am overwhelmed with how lucky I am. Humbled, I remind myself to count my blessings. My back aches, my husband has worked seven days a week all winter, and our dogs are wondering why we don’t snowshoe and play like most winters. But in the end it will all be worth it.

I am not unfamiliar with hard work, I know it pays off (tell my back that, please!). But can I put it in ink that this is the last time (yeah, right!)? Construction is tough and long before it’s beautiful. The project has gone so smoothly with the help of amazing friends, family, workers… everyone has worked hard, fast, all materials have shown up on time with no mistakes. Really, it’s been great, and as usual I have some sort of angel on my side helping this go well (Patricia?). I know the to do list for this month is endless, the to do list for April, also endless. But I am determined to be open before May hits and the daffodils pop up!

I want to read this blog post next year and beam with happiness that we indeed endured this project. I know I will be reading it from my new office (or France, perhaps?), not amongst boxes on our kitchen table…



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