New Logo, New Web, New me!

New Logo, New Web, New me!

Oct 21st 2021

I am back at it- my now bi-annual blog post. Maybe this will be the year I actually start doing it more, I’ll set my goal fairly low- quarterly maybe?! A new website, a new blog, perfect time a fresh start. (Don’t hold your breath, enjoy these words, they are usually lengthy however I probably won’t find the wit in me for a while again.)

We did it, we finally did it. You are on our new website. The last site was from 2013- which might have been the oldest operating (though hardly) ecommerce site around. I was so happy to have that site during the 2020 lock down, I know a lot of small boutiques like mine didn’t have online shopping and I felt so lucky that I did. The dinosaur that it was, it still worked, though slow and painful to shop on, my awesome dedicated customer still shopped it- Thank you!! I knew for many years that it was time for a redo, but I never found the time. Turns out I didn’t have the time in 2021 either but pecked away at it, with the help of Danielle my ever steady right hand woman, friend, employee, fellow lover of all things girly- after almost 6 months we have finally launched. If you read my last blog post you know that this isn’t just a redo of a website, this year has been a refreshing of many things for me and for the shoppe.

When the paint rollers came out at the beginning of the year and I started wanting a whole new look it really snow balled into more than I anticipated. And like most projects it took longer than I anticipated, the painting of the store took us a month, but the journey continues. I feel like I learned a lot through the process, really looked inside me and analyzed the vision and mission of the shoppe. (yes this is all from needing to pick a new paint color). All this reflection came to fruition in the new logo. When working on the rebranding I made lists of words of what the store meant to me, to my customers, the history, the product we carry, what new direction I wanted to go, where it had been…. Who, what, where is Patricia Shoppe now?

I went back to its roots and started digging through my Grandmother’s scrap book, the original inspiration, the birth of Patricia Shoppe. And there it was- A female owned business, supporting other women, an artistic vision, a drive to survive and support herself and her son, 30 years of hard work, beautiful clothes, styles that last the test of time, timeless elegance. I never lost my vision, I didn’t need a new one, I just need to bring it out and celebrate it more. Nice to know I wasn’t going crazy, just needed a little soul searching to find myself again. One of Patricia’s dress design sketches that was always my favorite spoke to me one day and I snapped a picture of the face of the sketch and sent it to my graphic designer who happens to be my best friend. I sent sketches, and random scattered words and visions and we slowly created the New? Patricia Shoppe. (thank you Alicia for your patience!)

This blooming vintage lady head symbolizes the strength and beauty that grows from within women and blooms into our own unique persona and individuality. She is wild and free, elegant, both a bouquet and yet a branching tree and a budding leaf. She is many things, she will wilt and grow, blow in the wind and reach for the sun. She- my logo represents my mission at Patricia shoppe; To support women and help make our inner beauty grow and shine on the outside as much as it does on the inside.

I hope you all see a bit of you in this. I like to think that is why you come to my shop, why you are here on this site. I want you to know that picking out clothes, jewelry and accessories with you while you are in my shop is more than just shopping to me. I know that what we wear as women give us confidence, it defines our personality, it can be our armor, it can be our comfort and many more things. I think of this when picking out what to sell in my shop. I want you to know that this isn’t just a random ecommerce site, this is as much a shopping experience as coming to the store is. I find other women like us and support them. I try to carry products from female owned businesses, and designers with a story to help tell your story and mine. Happy shopping friends, enjoy this curated collection that is always evolving, ever changing and handpicked just for you, inspired by her.