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Our customers always ask ‘what do you do in the winter?’ While I wish I could say we lay on the beach and take some time off the opposite is usually the reality. We work really hard! This winter we have a few projects under way. While the sidewalks are empty of tourists, the snow blows outside, & we close down to just 3 days a week we take advantage of this quiet season.

Our construction project from last year was huge, but not quite finished. Which actually worked to our advantage. We were able to have a full season in the new space to get a feel for it and see how to tweak it just right for our needs. We decided the check out office area needed shelving (not cabinets) and easier access to our back stock. My office needed a lot of organization/ storage and a second desk is needed for staff.

And then there is the basement to deal with. Having 1000 sq feet of basement is truly a blessing and something I know most business owners would die for. However for us it turned into a dumping ground. By the end of the season you could hardly walk through the maze of window decorations, hangers, extra displays, left over construction material… My staff is really patient and understanding, they had to eat there lunch in a break room full of- well really nothing but junk. So we locked the doors, turned up the tunes, and one very pregnant boss and Danielle, a size 6 yet powerful organizer, set off into the mess. A few days later, lots of trips to the dumpster, endless boxes and totes organized, labeled, and a little back pain, we did it!!!(see before and after pics above!) Construction started this week to finish the space.

That’s right, no more dusty, dirty, mouse poop basement. We will have a bathroom (with laundry), kitchenette/ break room, a baby nursery, tons of shelving storage space, and a little office area (for a new website ecommerce page?!). After 13 years in business I will finally have the store functioning the way I always dreamed it could. I will get to go to work with my baby, and really make it feel like a home away from home.

There are many times when you work as much and as hard as I do that you question if its worth it. Then moments like this happen and you realize everything you work for is coming true and no one gets to enjoy their job as much as I do. So while the pics up above may not seem very exciting to you, for the Patricia Shoppe staff and myself we can’t wait for our space to be as cool as the space we made for our customers last year. These endless winter days may get old, but I am so thankful for the ebb and flow of the Door County seasons, it really helps getting this time to appreciate & recoup! I hope you are all out there getting projects done and taking some quiet time to appreciate the new year.


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